At ‘De Oude Eik’ in Wassenaar we have two beautiful and professional outdoor padel courts. You can play padel at our park as member or book ‘Pay & Play’ as a non-member. We are the first club in Wassenaar to host the padel courts. This popular game has become the fastest growing sport in the world and you can see the courts at more and more tennis parks. The KNLTB has also embraced the sport and for good reason.

Padel is a good addition to tennis and offers a great success experience. You can quickly play a nice rally, it is very social because you always play 2 against 2 and keeps you fit. Our Padel courts are equipped with the highest quality materials in all areas. The glass is 12 mm thick, the steel 4 mm. This provides a noticeably better ball bounce from the wall. The lamps provide a fantastic light distribution on the court and the Mondo STX Supercourt synthetic turf, which has been specially developed for the World Padel Tour, is a pleasure to play on. In addition, we sell these balls at an absolute bottom price since we have concluded a deal with Dunlop. 1 can of balls costs only € 3.50 for while supplies last!


Padel can be played according to the “Pay & Play” principle. This means that you can reserve a court in advance and pay for each time you play. This is different from the tennis system in the Netherlands where you with a tramp card (membership / court rental card / subscription) can play unlimited between certain times on certain days. The big advantage of the “Pay and Play system” is that you never have to wait and you know for sure that you can play right away. We think that with only two Padel courts this is the best system. In this way we want to avoid long waiting times in view of the experiences that have already been gained at other parks.


You always play with 4 players and each pays his own share. Some members receive a 50% discount on court rent. You can determine the starting time and how long you want to play. Over time, we can always adjust this according to findings.


Oude Eik tennis members receive a 50% discount on their portion of the court rent on the regular rates. BECOME A PADEL MEMBER OF THE OLD OAKIf you want to be able to use the 50% discount but you do not want to become a tennis member, you can choose to take a Padel membership. The price is € 175 per year and you will receive a 50% discount on your portion of the court rental with every booking. Ideal for the slightly more fanatic padel player who plays more than once a week. Membership can start at any time of the year and is valid for a whole year.


Reguliere huur
Geen leden
Oude Eik tennisleden (incl. 50% korting)
Alle leden
Padel leden (incl. 50% korting)
Puur padel
€4,50 / €6,50 €2,25 / €3,25 €2,25 / €3,25
€4,50 ma t/m vrij 09.00-17.30 €2,25 ma t/m vrij 09.00-17.30 €2,25 ma t/m vrij 09.00-17.30
€6,50 ma t/m vrij 17.30-22.00 €3,25 ma t/m vrij 17.30-22.00 €3,25 ma t/m vrij 17.30-22.00
€6,50 za + zo 09.00-18.00 €3,25 za + zo 09.00-18.00 €3,25 za + zo 09.00-18.00
  1. Reserveren gaat via Hier kan je ook rackets reserveren en ballen kopen. Betaling gaat via eenmalige machtiging achteraf of kan bij de bar voldaan worden mits deze open is.
  2. Genoemde prijzen zijn per persoon per baan per uur. De tijd kan per half uur verlengt worden.
  3. Genoemde bedragen zijn exclusief materiaal.
  4. Rackets zijn te huur voor €2,50 per racket. Ballen zijn te koop vanaf €3,50 per blik van 3.
  5. Tennisrackets en tennisballen zijn verboden te gebruiken op de padelbaan.