At Tennis Park “De Oude Eik” there are 6 tennistrainers who all speak english. They are Arthur Honer, Bram van Rossum, Ron van de Weerd, Jasper Stoter, Peter Starke and Johan Kraall.

Everybody who wants to take lessons must have a membership card from tennis park “De Oude Eik” in their possession. This counts for the group lessons and the private lessons. A membership card is something you buy yourself, trainers can advise you.

A lesson lasts 50 minutes and half a lesson lasts 25 minutes. In the summer the first two rainy lessons (frost/snow) will be given at another time. Every rainy lesson after that won’t be given at another time, but still will have to be paid for. When a customer is absent he/she will still pay for the lesson. Group lessons will always be given, even if a part of the group is absent. People who were absent don’t have the right to take the lesson afterwards. When the trainer is absent the lesson will be given at another time. These lessons will be given at the end of the year, after the last official week. If, at this stage, it rains the lesson will be forfeited. If you wish to follow a lesson it is completely at your own risk. The trainers and park cannot be held accountable for any injuries.

The payments for lessons should be done before the first lesson starts unless instructed otherwise by your trainer. You can transfer the money directly to the teacher or pay him or her in cash. For banking accounts please go to the personal page of our teachers. Refunding the lesson payment only takes place when somebody else can take your place.

Just a few private lessons?
It is also possible to book a private lesson every once in a while. The higher fee for such a lesson is €63,- per 50 minutes.