Year subscription: 27th of March 2023 until 31st of March 2024. 

In all yearly membership cards a discount of €50,- is present. The discount on the year subscriptions only lasts until the 1st of May. If you make your payment after the 1st of May you will not get the discount.The Settlement day for age groups is the 27th of March 2023. Children who on this day are 17 or younger are able to use a junior card. Children who on this day are 8 years or younger and are member for the first time can use the starter pack (see summersection). You can choose between the following cards:

  • Card H: 18+ €410,- (every day for 12 months)
  • Card I: 18+ €340,- (Summer period: Monday-Friday from 09.00 until 15.00. Winter period: the whole week)
  • Card J: juniors up to and including 17 years old €380,- (every day for 12 months)
  • Card K: juniors up to and including 17 years old €305,- (Summer period: every afternoon Monday-Friday from 13.00 until 17.30 Winter period: the whole week)
  • Card L: students €135,-
    Right to play 12 months, every weekend during week days. This means from Friday 17.30 until Sunday 18.00 and from Monday untill Friday from 12.00-15.00 hours. Students are junior or senior members who study at a university, college (HBO) or follow a day course at higher vocational education. Students cannot be older than 27. Students who want to subscribe must be able to show official identification that he/she is indeed a student.

Tennis and Padel combi cards
For €100,- extra you can also play padel all year. It is also possible to combine these cards in the familypackage.

  • Card M tennis and padel 18+ 510,-
    12 months unlimited tennis and padel
  • Card N tennis and padel juniors €480,-
    12 months unlimited tennis and padel

Family package-deal, minimum extra discount of €280,- maximum extra discount of €500,-
The Family package-deal is designed especially for all families who would like to play tennis at De Oude Eik. In order to qualify for the Familypackage –deal, your family must consist of at least four members and the deal must include a combination of court-rental cards H, J, M, N which are listed above. You can also combine card X and or Y (padelcards unlimited, see Year cards padel). These cards already have a €50,- discount, the Family package-deal discount is then added to this initial discount. This is a double discount! So, for example, you could combine three court-rental cards J (children) with one H card (adults), or two H cards (both adults) with two J cards (children). You’re not allowed to combine your card with the cards of any cousins/nieces/uncles or aunts, nor is it allowed to combine it with other court-rental cards or other related discounts.

You are able to apply for the following discounts:
With 4 family members: € 280,- discount
With 5 family members: € 395,- discount
With 6 family members: € 500,- discount

Underneath you find some possible combinations as an example:

  • 3 x J, 1 x H = €1550,- -/-280 = €1270,-
  • 2 x J, 2 x H = €1580,- -/- 280 = €1300,-
  • 4 x J, 1 x H = €1930,- -/- 395 = €1535,-
  • 3 x J, 2 x H = €1960,- -/- 395 = €1565,-
  • 4 x J, 2 x H = €2340,- -/- 500 = €1840,-

Please note: If you make an combination like above but then including a card M or N, an additional fee of €100,- should be added to the prices above per used card M or N in the combination.

Subscription and payment
New members can register for a membership by visiting us and filling in a form. We like to meet all of our members personally. At the first meeting we will give you a quick tour of the park.

The payment takes place at the same time as the subscription. You pay by one time authorization.
Bank account: Tennispark De Oude Eik account number NL41INGB0001942774

Warning: The account number above is only for payment of the court-renting-cards. Money for lessons has to be paid directly to the trainers.